Introducing the “B.” in the B.Inspired Apparel

Ms. Brenda Phillips

Survivor, Conqueror, Innovator, Teenage Life Coach, Community Leader, World Changer

These are just some of the adjectives used to describe this Newtonville, New Jersey native.  Outside of not pumping her own gas, this Jersey girl has worked hard to overcome incredible challenges that spanned throughout her childhood and young adulthood.  A recipient of her grandmother’s prayers, Ms. Phillips has risen above the trauma and adversity that accompanied her growing up poor with self-medicating and substance abusing parents.  Yearning to find a safe escape, she discovered her hidden talent of gathering words from her complex thoughts to paper.  As she continued to cope for years using her impactful words, pen full of purpose and many note pads of increasing vision; she birthed “WeCare”.  A Non-Profit built on the foundation of Ms. Philips’ very own childhood lead to the development of “WeCare”,  an organization that embraces “ it takes a village” model to empower families and youth on living a full life.  She’s managed to continue enhancing her vision by providing character education programs and workshops to school districts around the world.  Serving over 80,000 youth and hundreds of families, Ms. Philips continues to use her platform to persistently Inspire.
B. Inspired was created to fulfill the human need of affirming and reaffirming the instinctual greatness that lives in each person.  By utilizing fabrics as a new medium to convey these affirmations to simply spread love and empower the world. So come join this journey full of vulnerable moments, second chances and triumphant wins.  One person at a time we will… INSPIRE