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Hypnosis 6 Secret Tips To Stay Young Forever

Oct 01, 2020

We all live in an age that belongs to the hearts of young people. Life that is becoming extremely fast, day after day, also asks us to remain physically young. Young in heart, young in mind and young in body has become the principle of survival.

However, our age is increasing day by day. The rapid pace of the world around us makes us age faster. But it is important to maintain our youthful vigor, because only with the passion and energy of the young can we work for success, enjoy a quiet and healthy life, enjoy the pleasure of sex and keep ourselves happy.

How can we stay young forever? How can we challenge our age? How can we preserve our youthful joy? How to stay passionate and energetic.

Here I describe six steps to staying young forever - steps that, if you follow them regularly, will ensure that you stay young at heart, young at mind and young at body.

Step One: Imagine that you lead a young and vigorous life. Imagine being in various situations where young people give up. It can be a wild night at the disco, a wild soccer game, a love story with the person you love, it can be anything. Focus on the youth action.

Step two: the image you create for yourself should produce the specific effects you have in mind. That is, if you think you're getting old and falling behind, then enjoy a disco dance that keeps you in step with youth. If you are old and wrinkled and want to look young, imagine that you have smooth, soft and wrinkle-free skin.

Step three: Imagine yourself extremely alert, athletic and young. Imagine yourself in movements that you have performed as freely as when you were a teenager.

This is a very important aspect. Practice at least twice a week for an indefinite period of time. Your goal is to preserve your body by using the power of creative visualization. Therefore, it is a lifelong program that aims to evoke your youthful vigor anytime, anywhere, any time.

Step Four: If you are suffering from an old age disease, incorporate the images from How to Live a Healthy Life, with the steps outlined here. You will see a marked improvement in your health.

Step Five: Bring all your senses together - Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. Direct your mind to improve each of them. Imagine images of yourself in which you feel more, taste better, see better, smell better and become sensual to the touch.

Practice them at least once every two days. You will find that your consciousness works better than that of anyone your age.

Step Six: Visualize yourself in an endless sea of energy. The water is warm and comfortable. The sky is bright and sunny. Swimming through the refreshing water. Enjoy the bath. Stretch your legs; push through the water as the energy envelops you.

Get out of the water and dry yourself with a large, soft towel. You are now fresh and young. You are full of energy. You also feel that the energy in you has changed your body and your bones. All the pains of old age are gone.

You are now a new man. You are young, full of energy with a passionate vigor in you. You are young in mind, body and spirit. Enjoy your youth.